Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Found Poem

I'm so jazzed on reading David McGimpsey's latest book Sitcom (more on that later) that it's screwed with how and where I see poetry. Here's the result.

a facebook friends feed

Ellen has received a ‘Yes’
Lev has removed The Doors from his favourite music
Romy is attending Jolly Nights 24.12.07
Penn joined the group Support the Monks’ Protest in Burma
Beth added the Birthday Calendar application
Simon and Rachel are now friends
Lev added the ATTACK! application
Ina is working and working and working
Cyndi challenged Trevor to Name that Cartoon Character
Joseph and Morningstar found each other

using the Friend Finder
Simon and Suki are now friends
Robin added the We’re Related application
Zach is exasperated by misguided literary nationalism
Divvy and Beth added the Jewish Gifts application
David joined the group Circus Afterhours
21 of your friends have received a new message
Charles was tagged in a group album
Ellen has received a ‘Yes’
See who has clicked ‘Yes’ on ‘YOU’.

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