Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Der Rebbe Woody

There's one thing I'll say about Montreal-native Dov Charney of American Apparel fame, he's got chutzpah. Well, now he's being sued (for the umpteenth time.) By Woody Allen no less. The article wonders what possible connection there might be between American Apparel and Woody as a hasid (a frame from Annie Hall). Like all AA campaigns it has something to do with Jewish kitsch. Not too long ago there was a display of kitschy 1970s bar-mitzvah photos in the store window on the corner of Sherbrooke and Claremont. They were absolutely hilarious. Wide lapels, fat bowties, powder-blue and gold polyester suits with velvet trim, big bushy hair. Made me wistful with memories of my own fabulous Bar (1977) held at Elm-Ridge Golf and Country Club. The theme was magic (I used to do tricks as a hobby.) The legendary Montreal magician Henry Gordon performed for the guests. Hey, Woody was also a magician, I think.

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