Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday by Sivan Black-Rotchin

Because it is my birthday and because I wrote a poem for her, my daughter Sivan has returned the favour. And here it is.


they say when you turn 40
it's a turning point in life
knowing life's half over
should cut you like a knife,
but really, what's the difference
between 30 and 44?
do you feel quite older
do your wrinkles show lot more?
no, i think it's all the same
no matter what your age is
i think in life what happens is
you enter different stages
so really it's a number
and now it's forty four
and now you're getting older
you should enjoy your life some more
i don't care how old you are
i say your age means NIL
no matter what your number is
you're my loving father still.

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