Friday, October 31, 2008

A farting dog meets the Jonas Brothers in Hollywood

When they said that Canada was the United States' largest supplier of gas they might have been speaking about a farting dog.

This is what happens when two titans in the pantheon of US culture come together, like nitro and glycerin. The result is a gastric explosion of marketing genius. The secret... don't tell... is that one of them is Canadian and it's not the Jonas Brothers. In my humble opinion we should give Walter the Farting dog a star on Canada's maple leaf Walk of Fame between our two greatest cultural exports to the States, Celine Dion and Jim Carrey. What further proof do they need south of the 49th of our inherent cultural superiority? Actually, I take special pleasure in this story for two reasons: A. The authors and illustrator are Canucks and, B. The illustrator is my first cousin Montreal-native Audrey Colman. All involved deserve to make additional fortunes ('additional' because they're already reaping bank vaults on the book series, and farting dog plush toys etc.) from American consumers. I'm telling you, culturally-speaking we own them... our evil genius is letting them think they own us.

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