Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Gold Star

Words of praise arrived unexpectedly from the somewhat reclusive, legendary Montreal novelist and playwright Seymour Blicker. Receiving this note I felt the thrill of being in elementary school again and getting a gold star from the teacher (which didn't happen much when I was a kid).

...Regarding HALBMAN STEALS HOME – Once I began reading it I didn’t want to put it down. It is a wonderful novel, suspenseful, dramatic, and filled with pathos and humour and some artfully executed surprises. It is also an excellent tour of contemporary Jewish Montreal as seen through the eyes of our guide, Mort Halbman. Congratulations on having crafted an insightful and unique work. I’m looking forward to your next one.

Is the book up for the Leacock Award? It should be!...

Anyways, I’ll be touting your book to all and sundry and I hope it will be a best-seller.



I love your newest novel; as much as I did the first!

It was artfully created with skill and tenderness, giving life to, not just the cerebral memories of youth, but the heart's as well.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud (publicly - on the subway, no less) at the 'Mr. G' reference -- I guess we were in the same math class that year.

Congratulations again. Every accolade you have and will continue to receive for Halbman is justly deserved.


B. Glen Rotchin said...

Very kind of you Rosanne. Glad you caught the Mr. G reference. I always wondered how algebra class would ever come in handy. Now I know.

David Hamburg said...

Great stuff, Glen. I'm sure there will be many more...