Monday, January 7, 2008

Bears or Bull

What a quandry. There I was last night, reclining in my lounge, flipping the channels back and forth between CNN/ABC's coverage of the US Democratic Party nominees "debate" on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, and a CBC documentary called "The Edge of Eden" about a man who raises orphaned Grizzly Bear cubs in Kamchatka, Russia.

It was absolutely compelling. I was riveted for two solid hours. By the Grizzly bears I mean. The party nominees bored me silly with their bull. Of the four, John Edwards was most impressive playing the role of an average Joe, sharecropper's son (or grandson, something like that), a Washington outsider (never mind that it's his second run at the Democratic nomination), who'll never cave in to special interests unlike his opponents. Hilary dug her hole deeper by repeating "reality check here," not quite seeming to comprehend that the last thing the electorate wants to hear is a reality check. Richardson, who ever he is, spoke a lot, too much, but I don't remember a single word of what he had to say, though he said it a lot, whatever it was. And Obama agreed with Edwards and disagreed with Hilary because she's a Washington insider who likes screaming "reality check!"

As I say the Grizzly bear cubs were absolutely riveting. And made more sense.

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