Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Rent Collector on CKUT (again)

I had the opportunity of welcoming to Chabanel a lovely young lady named Tamara who interviewed me for her radio show called Shtetl on The Shortwave on CKUT 90.3 FM. The show aired on January 16th, click the link on that day to hear the show:,11:00

It's always nice to educate the young about the shmatte bizness. And Tamara had read the novel (a bonus) and even more, she was a sensitive reader who asked thoughtful questions (double, triple bonus). This was actually the third time I'd been interviewed on CKUT since the novel came out, which means that my modest donation to the non-profit radio station some years back has worked wonders. I implore you all to support multi-cultural, community-based/university-based, non-profit radio by listening and sending cash. CKUT and other stations like it offer, without doubt, the most interesting programming on the airwaves.

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Tamara said...

Hi Glen,
I had never seen this post of yours until today. You seemed surprised that I read your book for our interview!
Thanks for plugging community radio so whole-heartedly.
Just FYI, by now the link on CKUT to the interview we did is not valid. Luckily, I will have a Shtetl on the SHortwave blog up in the next couple of days and will make sure to post the interview there.
cheers and thanks again for the great book,