Friday, March 14, 2008


Since starting this blog I've written precious little about the comings and goings of the bizness on Chabanel. It's a tough call. My professional activities, my work, how I earn my living requires a certain respect. Plainly, it would be stupid of me to write or say anything that would threaten my job and I'm wary about trespassing onto that territory. Does that mean that I can't be completely honest with my writing? Of course not. We use discretion in every aspect of our lives on a daily basis, how we speak, how we behave, even how we make art. Discretion does not equal censorship. So now there's this hoopla going on in Toronto about the principal of a Jewish day school who's shown some poor judgement by posting sexually explicit poetry on his website. My position is simple. The guy made a stupid move. There's no issue of free speech. No one is stopping the principal from posting anything he wants. The only question is whether the bad judgement he’s shown warrants dismissal from his job and that will be determined by those who have something tangibly at stake, the parents, the board of directors of the school etc. If I were sending my kids to his school would I pull them out over this? No. You make your own judgement:

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