Monday, March 17, 2008

"A voice less heard than overheard"

This quote comes from an essay on poetics by my friend the poet, short-story writer, essayist and teacher Robyn Sarah from the online journal Drunken Boat (unfortunately there is no direct link to the essay, you'e got to click through "Poetics" then Robyn's name and then the essay titled "Poetry's Bottom Line"):

I don't normally go in for reading essays on poetics, even as I am a practitioner and occasional editor and reviewer of verse myself. Something a bit too high-minded about the term "poetics." Although as Robyn can attest from our many email exchanges, I have scratched my head about what makes a poem work or not work. It's hard to put into words - which, I suppose, is part of the mystique of poetry. Let's just say I recognize a poem when I see one: It hits me in the kischkes (put that in an essay on "poetics.") Still, I recommend Robyn's essay. It's as clear and honest as anything I've ever read on the subject.

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