Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Biggest Drawing in the World

What if the world was your canvas and a GPS was your pen. I'm not completely sure I buy this one, but the film shows Stockholm artist using precisely this technique to create a self-portrait. A second film shows him planning out the trip. The questionable aspect arises from the travelling lines. Would it be possible for all of the airplanes etc. to follow precisely the lines set out in the plan? What about all the curves, and curls? Unlikely. Anyway, it's an inspired idea, and even if it could not be executed, it would still be an incredible feat of planning.

*NOTE: Since posting I dug further to find out more about this incredible idea. My hunch was right. It turns out to be only an idea, a fantasy, but a brilliant one nonetheless. Give this kid his diploma suma cum laude.

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