Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bar Mitzvah Disco (BMD)

"The crucible of our generation" - that's apparently what some are calling the hokey, themed, extravaganzas that were Bar-Mitzvah parties of the 70s. It might be a little much but who could deny the indelible memories (some cringe-worthy) that these parties left us with. As I mentioned in an earlier post my BMD was magic-themed (with a professional magician performing) at the Elm Ridge Golf and Country Club. My parents had hired a bus to take my friends out to the golf club and called it "The Magic Bus" (or was it "The Magical Mystery Tour"?) - I suppose they'd bypassed the late 60s and missed the reference to hallucinagenic substances. How can you not love this website devoted to the BMD. The book looks like a hoot. By the way that photo is not me (it comes from the book), but it does bear a certain strange resemblance to yours truly. Which makes me wonder if the BMD was some sort of altered reality, and we, the bar-mitzvah bochers, were actually all the same kid.

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