Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In our semi-ongoing political coverage...

Headline: Super Tuesday full of surprises! Not.

Claiming victory are:
For the Dems Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
For the GOP McCain, Huckabee and Romney.
McCain declares, oh shucks, I guess we're the front-runner.
Hillary Clinton gives speech, proves she is still a dull Washington wonk.
Barack Obama declares, I am ready for change. Supporters answer, Yes we can!
Okay, it's time to start trying on the title, see how they sound:
President Clinton. Yuck. Didn't like the sound of it the first time, don't like it any better now.
President Obama... Let's just say it would take some getting used to.
President McCain. Still sounds to me like a premium brand of Canadian frozen food.

But the big story, and what made me really ticked, was how coverage of Norman Spector's testimony before the House Ethics Committee was clipped for Super Yawn coverage on the CBC. For shame! Spector (pictured above, no wait, that's Phil Spector! I always get those two mixed up) had the best line of the day; "They weren't girl-scouts waiting in line to see the Prime Minister in his office. They were wearing suits!"

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