Friday, February 8, 2008

Why don't Jews like the Christians who like them

asks James Q Wilson in City Journal

It reminds me of the discussion my high-school daughter and I had the other night - At least, this is what passes for discussion these days.

It goes something like;

"So Bobby likes Emma, but she doesn't know that Bobby likes her, and Emma would like him if she knew, but instead, because she knows that Joey likes her because Dean told her so and Dean is friends with Lia who is BFF (best friends forever) with Karen who going out with Joey's best friend Mark, Emma is officially going out with Joey and by officially I mean he asked Emma, 'You want to go out with me' and she said 'yeah, okay' and poof! like magic they're going out, and they're stuck with each other, Emma and Joey, because to break up now would be too complicated and it's too bad that no one tells the truth to anyone anymore."

Follow that? Me neither. Except that last part about no one telling the truth to anyone anymore. No wonder these kids are growing up to be theoretical physicists.

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