Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just because...

I have a special affinity for working joes (janes) who somehow find the spare (ha!) time to write novels. Anne Giardini takes the cake (and it's not even a family-owned business!)

I'm a fan of David McGimpsey. Anyone who can make poetry out of Gillgan's Island and Hawaii Five-O is okay with me. I always said his cherubic punim belonged in the Canlit pantheon.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kids' Castles

Last week I was unexpectedly inspired to start another blog. (I say unexpectedly because the one thing my life does not need right now, besides another pet, is another blog.) A few weeks ago daughter Tamar (age 10) came home with a school assignment. The task was to build a castle. Knowing full well that she was incapable of pulling it off on her own, and initially doubtful of the whole point if the parents were going to do most of the work, we ended up labouring together on it for several hours and enjoyed the experience. We talked about the kind of castle she wanted, the style, size and materials etc. I taught her about getting organized and good planning. We also chatted about her friends, music, books, gymnastics, TV shows, her likes and dislikes, you name it. The project ended up being a boon for our relationship. The parents of Tamar's class, being who they are, threw themselves into the assignement with gusto. The assemblage of castles that arrived on the project due date was truly something to behold. Some of the castles were conservative while others were wildly inventive, more imagined than real. Some were tidy and others were messy. Some were clearly mostly grown-up built while others were completely kid constructed. Each one said so much about the creator(s). The thought occurred to me that there must be other castles made by kids floating around. And maybe folks would send me their pictures of them. Anyhow, please check out the kids' castles blog site and pass on the message that we're looking for photos. By the way, the awesome castle pictured above was not built by Tamar and me. It's the work of classmate Jonah B, with, I suspect, a little help from his dad Jack and mom Eliza.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Almost Swine Flu...

The VP Finance of our company spent a week on holiday in... wait for it... glorious Cancun Mexico. He came back about two weeks ago and then developed flu-like symptoms - after spending five days in the office touching files, the coffee pot, shaking hands etc. I spent a week avoiding him like the plague. Yes, VP Finances are insane workaholics who, in spite of fever, nausea and aches, spend 18 hours a day infecting the office with their presence. Finally, enough of my co-workers bullied him into going to the hospital to get tested. Turns out he's clear (I'm still doubtful.) One of my favourite bloggers Lawrence Nyveen thought he may have contracted swine flu on a visit to Texas in late April...I don't know what's worse having the overblown bug or the tests to find out. After reading about his experience I think I have an idea.