Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Device

When it


don't fall

for it, 

don't respond.

It's not really


in anything

you think,

or have to say.

Every time

you answer

it feeds  

and grows 

like a digital 

tapeworm -

an algorithmic 


that bores


in your soul.

Ignore it

and it dies.

There's a child

in your room

and a dog.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

 The difference between eccentricity and genius is time.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Dream

In the dream

the train we are on slows

to approach the station.

We hear the rhythmic 

clacking of tracks 

underneath our feet

like a faltering pulse.

We are together in the railcar

you, me, our children, 

our family 

and small circle of closest friends,

everyone we know and love.

The air is thick

with inevitability.

We don’t speak.

Wheels grind, the railcar jolts

to a shrieking halt. 

Doors slide open,

I exit onto the platform,

without a word, alone.

It is white, antiseptic.

I face the doors of the railcar,

watch as they seal,

glimpse you through the window.

It’s as if you haven’t noticed 

that I’m gone. You’re mind 

is on your destination.

The train starts to slide


I don’t react.

I don’t know where I am 

but it doesn’t matter. 

It’s enough for me

to know that you are safe.

The Machine

 “The Machine still linked them. Under the seas, beneath the roots of the mountains, run the wires through which they saw and heard, the enormous eyes and ears that were their heritage, and the hum of many workings clothed their thoughts in one garment of subservience”

from The Machine Stopped (1909) by E.M. Forster 

Friday, September 10, 2021


on the 20th anniversary

It's been said

that 9/11

was not a failure 

of security

but of imagination - 

it's hard to argue,

and even more

failure of love

and hope

those two shimmering towers

of heart and of mind

that we must build

and re-build 



Wednesday, September 8, 2021

The Hero

What will be said of him 

is that he muddled through,

and it will be true:

He kept his goals to himself

(if he had any at all)

because he didn't want

his failures on display

and he never had much clarity

on what success meant


Then one day

someone came along

purely by chance

and he looked up

(from the book he was reading)

and fell instantly deeply in love,

he knew it was love

because he saw details

in someone else

he had never seen before

in anyone,

and he said 'here I am'

and he said 'I am here'

and he stepped forward

out of line

as a young man would 

who volunteers 

for a dangerous mission,

fearful but unafraid

to live.